2022 Online Children’s Mental Health Symposium – FULL WEEKEND April 22-24, 2022 (USD)

USD $136.99


Our Annual Children’s Mental Symposium, presented by the Institute of Child Psychology, is dedicated to parents, caregivers, and educators who wish to come together to learn about the latest research, innovations, and techniques pertaining to children’s mental health and attachment-based parenting practices, delivered by children’s mental health professionals and leading experts in the field.

This is the Institute of Child Psychology’s 7th Conference, and we’re delighted we are able to bring this event to you from the comfort of your home. Our conferences bring in thousands of people from every corner of the globe– the majority of whom are parents, caregivers, mental health professionals, and educators.


Friday, April 22, 2022:

  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS Dr. Jennifer Mullan “Parenting Through Intergenerational Trauma” (1 hour)
  • Parenting With Healthy Boundaries (3 hours)
  • The Principals of Playful Parenting (3 hours)
  • Hunt, Gather, Parent (3 hours)
  • Shame-proof Parenting (3 hours)
  • The Dance of Attachment (3 hours)
  • Talking to Children About Race and Discrimination (3 hours)
  • The Self-Driven Child (3 hours)


Saturday, April 23, 2022:

  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS Dr. Rick Hanson “The Neuroscience of Happiness (1 hour)
  • Therapeutic Play (6 hours)
  • The Wisdom of Trauma Screening & Interview with Filmmakers (3 hours)
  • The Naturopathic Perspective: Essential Steps for Your Children’s Well-being (3 hours)
  • Raising Teens While Building Executive Functioning Skills & Teaching Healthy Habits (3 hours)
  • Holistic Parenting: Nurturing Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World (3 hours)
  • The Trauma-Informed Classroom (3 hours)
  • Simplicity Parenting (3 hours)


Sunday, April 24, 2022:

  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS Dr. Tina Payne Bryson “The Power of Showing Up (1 hour)
  • Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through (6 hours)
  • Childhood Anxiety: Helping Children Heal (6 hours)
  • Talking to Children About Relationships, Sex, and Consent(3 hours)
  • Understanding Deeply Feeling Kids (3 hours)
  • Navigating Blended Families (3 hours)
  • The Fourth Trimester (3 hours)
  • How to Support Children’s Social and Emotional Development (3 hours)

EARLY BIRD PRICING (ends March 11, 2022):
CAD$119.99 +GST  (Regular $169.99)

These presentations are appropriate for parents, educators, caregivers, child care professionals, and mental health professionals.

All sessions listed within this pass will be live-streamed, and also recorded. Recordings will be available to view up until June 26, 2022.

Those who require a certificate of completion for individual* courses stating specific continuing education hours must pass a quiz to assess an adequate understanding of learning objectivesQuiz links will be listed in the description of each presentation on the event platform, Hubilo.

We offer subsidized tickets to those who have a limited income!
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Tickets are non-refundable.


All courses offered by ICP are for individual use only. Using them for corporate/group training, or shared purposes is a violation of copyright law.  Furthermore, all products/services provided by the Institute of Child Psychology, along with all workshop materials, are strictly for educational purposes only and cannot be categorized as psychological or mental health services.

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