Mercedes Samudio

Shame-Proof Parenting

When your preschooler throws a tantrum, when your tween receives a crushing text message from her friend, when your teenager starts to act out in rebellion, what do you do? You worry your reaction is just going to make everything worse and drive a wedge between you and your child. And then your mother will call to say, “I told you so.” Typical parenting advice doesn’t help, either. Your child’s behavior is still a problem, and you are still sinking in self-doubt. But you are not alone, and there is a way for you to rebuild a healthy relationship with your child.

With judgemental stares, off-hand comments, and outright intervention, our society shames parents, who are simply trying their best to raise children. In bearing that burden, parents pass the shame on to their own children. It’s time to stop shaming each other. As you find your own parenting voice let’s work together to #endparentshaming and to turn to each other for support in this difficult journey of raising beautiful, complicated children.

Mercedes Samudio is a licensed clinical social worker, bestselling author, international speaker, and visionary entrepreneur. She works with parents around the world in developing a healthy parental identity with her revolutionary Parental Identity Development Model and incorporating her Shame-Proof Parenting philosophy to help reduce the shame parents experience as they raise healthy children. Mercedes is also trained in trauma-informed modalities which she uses in her work with parents to help them heal the past traumas that can influence the ways parents interact with themselves and their children. Outside of her professional life supporting parents, Mercedes is married to her best friend and soulmate and they live in sunny Sothern California with their 3 fur kids (2 cats and a dog). You can learn more about her work at http://shameproofparenting.com

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